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Evaluations For-Profits and Non-Profits

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Discuss some of the inherent difference between for-profit and non-profit organizations that influence different approaches to evaluation for each. Why are these differences so important to understand when considering evaluation? Explain your reasoning and support your opinions by referencing sources such as the textbook or internet research.

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This solution discusses the inherent differences between evaluations for profit and non-profit organizations, and includes APA formatted references.

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The key differences of for-profit and non-profit governance are the importance of the mission, non-financial metrics against mission, the source of funds, governance, and the make up of the management/board (Epstein, McFarlan, 2011). It is important to consider these differences in determining the proper approach to evaluation. Nonprofits rely on understanding the mission, helping to fulfill it, and adapting it to the changing world. This is critical is achieving volunteers and viability. It gives the organization purpose. A non-profit must measure its performance against the mission, not only for its cause but also its ability to raise money to support its activities. In contrast, a typical ...

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