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Applying Physiological Psychology to Real Life

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1.Why is it important for psychologists to have an understanding of the structure of the nervous system, neural conduction, and synaptic transmission? Provide two reasons for each of the three topics.

2.I need to do a reflection journal can you assist me in this. My journal should be as part of the learning experience, I will need to reflect upon the learning actitivities of analyzing what new learning took place, what meaning th learning has ans an individual, as a member of the community and as an emerging professional. In addition, I need to identify a specific application of the learning releative to self, as an individual in the greater commuity and as an emerging professional. In completin this, the journal must consists of two areas of new learning; explain the meaning of new learning and provide an example of the applciation of each of the two areas of new learnign as it applies to self. The community and as your emerging professional role. thus, there will be two areas of new learning each having three examples within it.

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1. I'm assuming this question is geared towards clinical psychologists...added one for non-physiological academic research psychologist just in case.

Important for psychologists to having an understanding of the structure of the nervous system because:
A) It will help them to have a better understanding of the effects of certain types of brain damage. Help them to treat head trauma and stroke patients.
B) Will enhance their ability to understand the latest findings reported in scientific journals and be able to apply the findings clinically.
C) Clearly distinct structural regions of the brain provide the possibility to validate and elaborate on various psychological categories. e.g. hippocampus validates the notion of 'memory consolidation' as being distinct from ...

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Why is it important for psychologists to have an understanding of the structure of the nervous system, neural conduction, and synaptic transmission? Two reasons for each of these three topics provided.

Two examples of how specific knowledge of physiological psychology can be applied to one's personal life, betterment of the community and professional development.

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