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    Social networks and education

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    Address the use of the following types of social networks and communication technologies to advance teaching and learning.

    Social networking (i.e., Facebook)
    Internet blogs

    Your technology snapshot must include, but is not limited to, the following items:

    Illustrative examples of each of the above technologies used in a particular classroom setting to advance teaching and learning.
    Research and Standards-based rationale supporting the integration of each type of technology above to advance teaching and learning.
    Strategies for evaluating the success of each integration activity.

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    When examining how communication technologies can effectively advance both teaching and learning, blogs are highly beneficial. They allow students to consider a topic from multiple and encourage students' written expression skills. For shy students, ESL/ELL students, and those with special needs, blogs can also accommodate students who tend not to actively participate in classroom dialogues verbally.
    One source also cites the benefits of blogs:

    Alexander, John, and Dorothe Bach. "Creating Classroom Community With Reflective Blogs." International Journal Of Technology, Knowledge & Society 9.2 (2013): 17-29. Academic Search Complete. Web. 22 May 2015.

    The authors insist that they promote social learning as students learn to share opinions and to see knowledge as interconnected. In terms of ...

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    400 words of notes and reference summations briefly reveal how social networks and communication technologies can be used to advance teaching and learning at the K-12 level, mainly secondary. Facebook and blogs are briefly mentioned as examples.