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Education Teachers' Attitude Toward Autistic Children

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General education teacher attitude toward including autistic children in the regular education classroom. I have done several interviews and have done several classroom observations. I have also done one telephone interview.

I have been asked this questions and need help: Why is it important to have one or more strategies for establishing quality? Consider which strategy you think is most powerful and post your reasons for choosing that strategy. Some authors we work with in class is Janesick and J. Paul Hatch, and John Crewell.

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I've sense a certain degree of reluctance with many general ed. teachers. Often they are fearful of how they will deal with possible outbursts or behaviors that are distracting to the rest of the students in the classroom. In my own experience, I have taught only one student who was diagnosed with autism and a few others with Asperger's syndrome. In the case of the austistic student, he was very high functioning and I never ever experienced any behavior issues. ...

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Research about general education teachers' attitudes toward including autistic children in the regular education classroom is included.

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I am working on my methodology and it is just not coming together for me. I would love to use a survey to hand out to teachers in the local school system once I get permission. I plan to survey both general and regular education teacher about their attitudes when working students that have been diagnosed with autism. I am not familiar with sampling and have no idea where to start any help will be greatly appreciated.

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