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    What are Social Networks?

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    Although virtually everyone participates in social networks, we sometimes do not think of them in these terms. Discuss social networks, making sure to cover the following:

    a. Describe what social networks are.
    b. Provide four examples of social networks, which are not in your text.
    c. Interpret social networks from the perspective of functional analysis and from the perspective of conflict theory.
    d. In your view, which of these perspectives is most useful in interpreting social networks?

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    Social Networks

    a) Social Networks are social structures made up of individuals or entities/organizations/groups (that are counted as one unit) who are tied to each other by some form of interdependency to cooperate and work together by choice or by need. When 'mapped out', this interdependency appears as a network where each unit (individual or entity) is known as a node.
    b) There are varied examples of social networks, for example, we can consider the government as a kind of social network but one whereby membership is out of function. Government employees, agencies, bureaucrats and politicians all ...

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