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Social networks and effect on society

Please help me with an example on this:

Social networks and effect on society

Write paragraph explaining your use of different prewriting strategies to plan your IP 1. Identify the specific prewriting strategies and how each contributed to the development of your thesis statement and supporting ideas.

Post your ideas from your prewriting in the following format:

2.Narrowed Issue/problem
3.Thesis Statement (specific argument claim)
4.Outline with three or more supporting arguments (main points) listing specific details under each point

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Social networks and effect on society

? Topic: Social networks and effect on society
? Narrowed issue: how social networks are negatively affecting our social and professional life
? Thesis: The negative effects of social networks are extending to our private, social and professional lives.

? Outline
I. Introduction
A. What are social networks?
B. What areas of life social networks are affecting: social, educational
C. What are some good impacts of social networks: reunions with old friends and family members; collaborative educational projects

Thesis: The ...

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Social networks are assessed in terms of their effects on society. Model prewriting ideas are presented.