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Social Computing - an overview

Read SOCIAL COMPUTING: AN OVERVIEW by Manoj Parameswaran

1. Identify the main topic/question
2. Identify the author's intended audience
3. Critique the article and share your thoughts��"what appears to be valid and invalid?
4. Do you agree with the author's assertions? Why, or why not?
5. Discuss the best methods of managing an organization's social computing and 6.what, if any, effect social computing has had on your organization or organizations with which you were affiliated.

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The main topic of this article appears to be that social computing has a tremendous impact on today's society, and this impact can be positive in some ways, as well as negative and disruptive to the business world. Social computing and innovative technological advances in computing have made it so that many individuals can gain the utilization of certain types of software and other necessary computer amenities, that would normally be sold to them by some type of technology business firm etc. Due to these factors, this article it illuminates the fact that the extraordinary access that individuals have to free methods of advertising, the free access to technological advancements in the computing industry, and profitable social networking, social computing can and does have a detrimental and disruptive effect on some mainstream businesses. In addition, this article alludes to the fact that content creation at the user level can also have a significant impact on the thinking patterns of many individuals, and ...