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Social networking and online courses

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We are all very aware of the world of social networking and how integrated it is into our world today. Students of the current generation thrive and interact in these environments on a daily basis. There are many types of social networks available today, and in all likelihood, you are a part of one (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google + [Google plus], etc.). Discuss whether or not you think these online social network environments are an appropriate tool to integrate into the online classroom. Are there benefits to using these social networks for course work and/or communication? What is your experience with social networking?

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Social networking does not simply apply to mainly to websites such as Facebook, career services, Snagajob, and monster.com, where people communicate primarily for job, personal and social purposes. However, social networking is a benefit for professional membership into organizations that have tapped into the electronic networking to advance careers for their members. Recruitment on social networking sites like LinkedIn provides opportunities for professionals to gain employment.

Professional networking is intended to give careers an internet presence that allows professionals ...

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The solution discusses social networking and online courses.

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