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Ethical Issues and Social Networks

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Identify and discuss an ethical issue raised by social networks and anytime anywhere accessibility.

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The expert identifies and discusses an ethical issue raised by social networks and anytime anywhere accessibility.

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Social Concerns

In this technological era, information technology including social networks has been proved an important necessity for everyone in the society. It is an effective way to communicate the information from one to another electronically. Through this, users are allowed to share different ideas, interests and events within their individual networks. There may be an ethical issue of data privacy that can create different threats and challenges for the users (Dale & Lewis, 2012).

Social networks provide minute details about personal life of an individual. Many users provide personal data regarding their name, education, business, telephone number, etc. with less control of its use by others. These users don't know how their information can be misused from these sites for illegal purpose. This information can be made accessible at anytime and anywhere over social network throughout the world. No one can access the information of an individual without his consent ...

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