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US Copyright Office

1. Visit the web site for the U.S. Copyright Office. Using the name of an artist, find a list of copyright material for that artist and write a couple of paragraphs about the results of the search.

2. Write a paragraph or two about downloading music from the internet. The paragraph should include the ethical/legal dilemma of the situation and how it should be handled, especially in light of what is learned while reading the materials.

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1. I use Robbie Williams as an example. The address is:

The search returns many authors with the same surname Williams. However, we're only interested in Robbie Williams so I clicked on that one (with 50 items) and request a full display of items. The results continue to show the full details of each song that is registered under this person. It also includes information such as title, claimant, category, Effective Registration Date, Original Registration Date, Original Registration Number and the Original Class. For example, the following is the first item for this person:
1. Registration Number: RE-654-930
Title: I'm the mother of your child.
Note: Words & ...

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This solution of 464 words uses Robbie Williams as an example to find a list of copyrighted material pertaining to the artist. It also discusses the ethical/legal situation and the laws associated to downloading music off the internet as opposed to legally buying it.