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    Social Networking for Social Workers

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    While social networks may exist in e-mail form such as lists and newsgroups, most people think of social networks being more technologically advanced. Such networks include text, photos, graphics, audio, and video, or a combination of all of these. I need help describing the benefits and disadvantages of such networks for a social work practitioner or educator. What are the confidential and ethical concerns that could be associated with social networks? On balance would you recommend their use and in what ways? I also need scholarly references on this 'social work' topic, but I cannot seem to find any.

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    Social Work & the Digital Media

    Social work is an interdisciplinary field divided into 2 areas - academic practice and field practice. Overall, the field's main aim is to use the theories, knowledge and innovations from disciplines like psychology, education, sociology, medicine, philosophy, political science, anthropology, public administration and social psychology to provide solutions to social problems and issues and improve the quality of life and uplift the well-being of individuals, families, groups, communities and society as a whole. In a way it is a form of critical science for, by field application or through research, policy advocation, community organization, direct practice and teaching, those afflicted by issues like poverty, social injustices in its many forms (including the violation of human rights) social work is utilized to mitigate the situation and find workable solutions.

    As a science, social work is adaptable for practice, discussion and application in digital form so that the internet becomes a medium in which to practice, communicate and evolve the practice. There are a host of ways in which the online platform has been utilized and for social work academics and practitioners, it has made communication between them, the organizations and individuals they work with or support and the social groups they wish to address, far easier. This can be seen in the many online portals that support discussion forums, blogs that allow for the sharing of ideas, online programs that track the progress of a project as well as the creation and maintenance of an active online community of social workers keen to support each other and to share ideas.

    Social Network Online (Examples)

    Social workers use technology to reach out to one another, to find support and give support, to gather resources, to discuss hypotheticals, to find solutions and to share ideas. The online portals and ...

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