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Selection Marketing Institutions and Marketing Plan in Jordan

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submit a 3-5 page, double-spaced paper, not counting the title page and references, analyzing marketing institutions in your selected country ( Jordan ).

Research current literature available through the online university library as well as the Web sites of various organizations to gain understanding about the marketing institutions and infrastructure in the country you have selected that are relevant to the two companies. Examples of such institutions include market research companies, advertising agencies, media outlets, distribution networks, retail outlets, marketing regulations, and transportation networks.

In your paper, describe the marketing institutions in the selected country. Then analyze what modifications in marketing strategy should be considered for the two companies based on the characteristics of the marketing institutions.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.
You need to use peer reviewed journals in your postings and research for support practice should have been from a peer reviewed journal ,books or articles and not only a web sites . Please

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Marketing institutions are similar, yet different, from one region of the globe to another. Market
Research companies abound in the U.S., while they are just beginning to develop in Jordan. In the
U.S., there are many choices in distribution outlets, media outlets, and retail outlets, among other
marketing networks. The highly developed marketing networks in the U.S. Are the result of substantial
competition in many industries, as well as the development of technologies like social networks and
mobile devices. As new technologies arrive, companies must rush to figure out how they can make use
of them, as a means of competing and reaching new consumers.
In Jordan, the demographics of the population look much different from those in the U.S. Many
young adults and teens trying to enter the workforce are unable to find jobs. This is due to a larger
youth population under the age of 25, which is about half the country's population. The birth rate is
also showing no signs of slowing. It has been acknowledged that education and training for work does
not adequately meet the country's needs (ICEF, 2014). Therefore, students graduating from institutions
of higher learning are unable to effectively make use of the available technologies, for marketing and
promotions activities, as well as for networking with business partners. However, with the right
alignment of marketing and business education to current trends, the young adult population would be
able to effectively use available technologies. They are more comfortable adapting to mobile devices
and social media sites than their older counterparts. They are more socially engaged, through mobile
technologies. They simply need to learn how to apply marketing and promotions principles to mobile
formats and platforms.
Currently, Jordan lacks the knowledge and communications infrastructure to make use of
many marketing institutions. Many products and services are still promoted through local vendors ...

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