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Actions taken to develop as a scholar-practitioner-leader

How has understanding of the scholar-practitioner-leader model changed? What specific actions can be taken to develop as a scholar-practitioner-leader? How can growth fit the statements made in a letter of intent?

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Running Head: Scholar-Practitioner-Leader Model

Scholar-Practitioner-Leader Model
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Scholar-Practitioner-Leader model is an educational innovative and dynamic model that focuses on the development of a student as a scholar leader who is able to influence and inspire, enriching the world, starting from the scholars community. The model emphasizes support of lifelong learning (scholarship), workplace and social contribution (practice), and the ability to influence and inspire positive actions (leadership) in the scholars personal professional and academic life (University of Phoenix, 2011). This paper discusses actions that develop a scholar practitioner leader, and how growth fits the statements made in letter of intent.
Specific actions to be taken in order to develop scholar-practitioner-leader
A success scholar practitioner leader is one who takes what they have learned and uses them, desiring to learn more and actively participating as a leader. Since successful school leadership positively impacts student learning and improves classroom instruction, then a successful scholar-practitioner-leader must search informational input from data, must conduct best practices with regard to examinations, must conduct research, do studies and receive feedback from key stakeholders inside and outside the school (Sewell, 2005). They must be reflective, fosters effective ...

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The specific actions which can be taken to develop as a scholar-practitioner-leader are determined.