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Feedback, Scholarly Development and Learning Teams

Please provide a 150-300 word answer the following questions. If you use the work of others, please remember to cite it using APA format.

1. How do you respond to constructive feedback? What does the ability to receive and integrate feedback say about an individual as a scholar/practitioner/leader?

2. What plan could you put in place to help develop oneself as a scholar?

3. Forming Learning Teams

a. If you were a faculty member at a college or university, how would you go about assigning your students to learning team groups? Why?

b. What do you think about aiming for learning teams that display maximum diversity in members' personal backgrounds, professional fields, or ages?

c. What traits considering one's personality, work style, conflict-resolution strategies, etc. do you think would be desirable in a team member of a team which you are to be a member?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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By thoroughly addressing the questions, this solution discusses topics of how to respond to constructive feedback, the ability to receive and integrate feedback as a scholar/practitioner/leader, a plan to help develop oneself as a scholar, as well as questions on forming learning teams.