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    Four Goals of Overall School Improvement

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    According to the attached document regarding school improvement, what are four essential goals that should be undertaken when attempting to improve the overall health and functioning of a school?

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    1. Organization and empowerment of staff and professional developments
    -empower teachers to take control of their own professional development by creating cadres, or teams of teachers who decide upon and organize professional development sessions and follow-up implementation. By giving teachers control of what they will learn as professionals they are more likely to actually implement the ideas in their classrooms. Cadres can be grouped by grade level, subject area (including interdisciplinary cadres), or in a way that makes the most sense for your school. Measure teacher satisfaction empirically with an instrument designed to gauge teacher ...

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    Provides an overview of four essential goals of school improvement, including quality professional development, empowering teachers, increased parent and community involvement, enriched student learning, and provision of quality feedback.