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    process improvement strategies

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    Riordan Company just retooled the Michigan facility to manufacture custom plastic parts, we could run a pilot process to improve production with an eye toward streamlining the process to produce more and ultimately meet a greater consumer demand and realize more income for the company. Be sure to include a discussion of how your quality improvement strategy is linked to the strategic goals of the organization.

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    The task for identifying strategies or recommendations to improve the new process at Riordan for manufacturing Custom Plastic parts starts with measuring the attributes of this new process.. This is a baseline for assessing improvements.
    The new process will be extensively assessed and bottlenecks and weaknesses will be identified. Once the bottlenecks have been identified, various alternative strategies will be evaluated and the best possible solution to remove such bottlenecks will be identified and implemented.

    It is also to be noted that Process quality and product quality are closely related and process improvement benefits arise because the quality of the product depends on its development process. A good process is usually required to produce a
    good product. For manufactured goods, process is the principal quality determinant. For design-based activity such as designing custom plastic parts in our scenario, other factors are also involved, especially the capabilities of the designers.

    Therefore, the objective of Riordan to realize more income for the company with the help of improved product quality and better customer service can be achieved only if Riordan puts equal emphasis on underlying manufacturing process. Each and every aspect of the new manufacturing process should be carefully analyzed to identify root bottlenecks and ...

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