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Strategies to ensure sustainable change for Lowe's Home Improvement store

- What are the possible strategies to ensure change sustenance
- Describe at least two strategies you can use to ensure change is sustained
- Explain why you think these strategies will work for Lowe's Home improvement store.

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Change leadership is a concept that gives an insight into the visions, missions and processes that support and facilitate large scale transformation within the organizations. It acts as an engine for the entire process of change, thereby, making it faster and more efficient (Banhegyi, 2007). It plays an important role in fostering large scale changes that occur in organizations. The concept of change leadership identifies the group of people, who want to change the processes and operations conducted in organizations.

It provides visions to people and empowers them to bring transformation in the organization. Change leaders are the ones, who ensure that change is sustained within the organization (Rowland, 2009). They have the ability to give a constant effort and commitment of bringing transformation and sustaining it within the organization. They ensure that transformation is undertaken successfully.

Leaders are responsible for giving direction to the entire process of transformation that is crucial for the organization. Leaders play a crucial role in identifying the need for change and convince employees for the positive outcome that are resulted from the transformation. Change leadership ensures effective communication regarding the ...

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The solution discusses strategies to ensure sustainable change for Lowe's Home Improvement Store.