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Issues of Change

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Analyze the change issues within Owes Home Improvement through Kotter's models of change.

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//In the following paper, the change issues will be analyzed within Lowe's Company Inc., an American chain of appliance store and retail home improvement, with the help of Kotter's models of change//.

Organizational change is mainly caused due to major external forces such as, dramatic increases in services, substantial cut in funding, and decreased market opportunity. Basically, organizations attempt structural, technical and strategic shifts at the workplace to reach a different level in their life cycle. This can be altering from a highly reactive organization to a more stable proactive environment. Moreover, organizational change is caused by challenges of growth, tougher trading conditions and economic downturns.

Changes in organization occur due to changes in the strategy and technological changes. Lowe's retail home improvement has made changes in the organizational structure and activities due to competitive pressures, customer pressure, particularly shifting markets, and is also required to implement better organization behavior and skills. The major changes that Lowe's home improvement is facing mainly include changes presented by the competitive positioning against other retail companies on a global basis.

In response to the increased competition from international markets and changes, the company should necessarily change and improve the way of delivering their products and services to meet needs of customers, and the community. Many retail companies are undergoing a radical process of transformation and are facing substantial change. Presently, media and education has also transformed expectations of the workforce, therefore, employees seeks a different kind of relationships through having coordinated behavior along with seeking different rewards from the work.

Lowe's home improvement is required to adapt and manage change in accordance with the changing environment. The success cannot be achieved by just replicating the past practices and expect to achieve the success from the same. Hence, the company is required to manage new practices and activities as yesterday's practices, may work no longer. In order to meet strategic objectives, maintain the competitive advantage, and ...

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