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    Consulting Teams, Process or Technique, Resistance to Change

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    You have completed the planning sessions. As a combined unit (representing both the external and internal consulting teams), you will discuss guidelines for how you will work together.

    On the Discussion Board:

    List the things the consulting team needs to address so they will operate effectively.
    What process or technique would you suggest be used to address these issues?
    List what you should look for during the community-building meeting to identify resistance to change.
    Be sure to identify any potential problems that might arise during the meeting, and give suggestions on how they might be handled.

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    1. Consulting teams must address:
    Communication, conflict resolution, planning steps, job responsibilities within the team

    2. A communication process that allows people to discuss all aspects of the team needs. For the communication, I would set up a schedule and types of communications, what information needs to be shared. For conflict ...

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