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Psychology for Social Change

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Counseling and psychological treatments have evolved over the past century. New theories and practical methods are being developed that will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders. How these changes are implemented will depend on individual mental health care providers. Acting as a scholar-practitioner, you will help initiate practical change in society.
how might contribute to your effectiveness as a scholar-practitioner working for positive social change.

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1. On Social Change - 100 words
2. Utilization of Psychology as a science - 100 words
3. Examples - 100 words

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Psychology for Positive Social Change

Every society aspires to develop and thrive. Every society, every community across the world face issues and challenges that undermine that aspiration, creating barriers towards development. Society is the grouping of a people with shared history, culture, beliefs and in modern terms, national identities (i.e. American Society). People who are members of that society share interpersonal relationships and take part in social dynamics, having roles in different social ...

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