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Social Change, Diversity, and Globalization

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1. Complete an analysis of how social change is or could be addressed in your MS in Psychology specialization area such as, General Psychology.

2. Explain any global and diversity implications or areas of concern in your specialization (General Psychology).

Read the Marsella article, paying particular attention to the influence of psychology in the global community.

Read Marsella, A. J. (1998, December). Toward a global community psychology: Meeting the needs of a changing world. American Psychologist, 53(12), 1282-1291 before answering th two question please.

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Dear Student,
In this particular problem set, you have been asked by your professor to complete 2 tasks as set out in items 1 and 2. The answers are not cut and dried - it requires your own reflection and your own opinion. Basically, you need to think about how the concepts and subjects interact and how they reflect and relate to your subject of study. I think that the structure below would do well-

1. Social change & general psychology - how can this specialization contribute to or is relevant in pushing for positive social change?
2. Global diversity, culturalism and general psychology - is culture a barrier to the practice of psychology? How can psychology bridge the gap brought on by ethnocentric ideas?

Marsella presents some good views but these are only starting points, you should provide your own opinions. I have presented some arguments and ideas that you can use below. All the best.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones

Social Change & Psychology

Marsella (1998) acknowledges that the world has become far more 'entangled' and social, economic, political & cultural issues have become entangled with notions of identity with interdependence between states and cultures so immense and ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of social change and diversity as impacted by the science of psychology based on the essay by Marsella (1998 - see above). The questions are discussed, important points are pondered and further resources are listed to explore the topic.

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