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    Organizational Behavior Management

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    Review the assigned readings from the text and article by Nixon (2003) attached, titled Management theories?A historical perspective.

    Respond to the following discussion questions:

    Describe how modern and post-modern management theories help managers understand how individual employees think, feel, and perform in today's organizations.

    Discuss one of the following trends listed below and how this one trend has impacted individual behavior within the work environment:
    Workforce diversity.
    Employment relationships.
    Virtual work.

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    Management Theories and Employee Behavior

    The industrial revolution challenged and changed the way of businesses forever by influencing production, transport and technology processes. It introduced various techniques in transport and production such as mass production techniques etc. that changed the way of production, sourcing and marketing within the country. Technological changes have also influenced the businesses by increasing the performance. The rapid social, political and economic changes forced organizations to change their organization structure in order to compete and achieve success in the changing scenario. These changes increased level of complexity by increasing the degree of specializations and wider span of control. And this led to taller hierarchy and complex management layers and formal environment within an organization and empowered management to enforce the required behavior of the employees at the workplace. In this phase employees did not have much power and ...

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    Organizational behavior management is examined.