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Diversity, Employee Retention, and Best Pratices

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1) What are some practices in place that aim for diversity and employee retention? Identify a best practice that might be implemented to improve those areas. Explain why and how your organization would benefit from it.

2) How is organizational behavior linked to organizational effectiveness? What might managers do to ensure organizational behavior has a positive result on its effectiveness?

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1) What are some practices in place that aim for diversity and employee retention?

Different companies institute a variety of different policies and initiatives. Many large companies use affirmative action plans to create a diversified workplace. Companies that do not have affirmative action plans have internally created hiring and promotion plans that follow the same types of guidelines. Hiring is a major consideration in this area. Oftentimes, management needs to expand their hiring scope to external areas outside of the norm in their usual areas. Once outside of that scope, it brings a greater diversity into the workforce. Once a diverse workforce has been created, employee retention generally increases. When employees are placed into a diverse, healthy, productive environment, we ...

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This solution discusses diversity and employee retention practices. The ways in which organizational behavior are linked to organizational effectiveness are also discussed.