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    Gender and Diversity in the Workplace

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    My topic is gender and diversity in the workplace. What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    Any assistance will be appreciated.

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    There are several advantages of diversity. Diversity brings in different skills and abilities and when these work towards a common goal there are synergies. The abilities of employees relating to problem solving are different and these lead to higher creativity and innovation. Diversity also creates a feeling of inclusiveness. This helps build loyalty. For example if a person from a minority community is treated as equal in a company, he feels strongly motivated to work and he also strives hard to contribute to the company (Stefan Gröschl, Liz Doherty, 1999). Further, there are highly skilled and qualified persons who are minorities and women. If they feel that they are accepted as equals in a company, these persons remain with the company for a long period of time. The retention rate of employees increases. The retention of top professionals helps the firm develop competitive advantage. Workers from diverse backgrounds bring in different attitudes, and processes and this makes the firm more competitive. One of the strongest benefits that companies get from diversity is in the field of marketing. It is well known in the US that customers from minority classes prefer purchasing goods from companies that have diversity in their workplace. Further, during globalization, a firm with diversity is in a better position to develop a marketing mix that will appeal to a global target market.
    Specifically, when we consider women, they bring in special advantages to the workplace. They have excellent abilities in developing others, building relationships, showing integrity, and engaging in self-development. Most ...

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