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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Integration/Diversity

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of integration? Select two points touching upon the advantages and two points touching upon the disadvantages of integration.

    In-text citing and references needed.

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    DEFINITION: Integration is the action that results in bringing opposites together, as in racial, religious or ethnic groups.


    1) Integration promotes growth in the workplace because of people from diverse backgrounds contributing their unique skills, abilities, talents and experiences.

    2) In a multicultural world, integrated organizations have a competitive advantage by the groups, cultures, and ethnicities represented in their work pool.

    3) Integrated organizations understand the needs of a diverse customer-base and can target their product/service to specific groups based on culture, ethnicity, etc.

    4) An integrated workplace is able to adapt to market changes more quickly.

    5) An integrated workforce can develop a winning business strategy because of the diverse knowledge base of ...

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    Integration and diversity are relevant areas of discussion in the international business world today. This 420-word solution includes a list of advantages as well as a list of disadvantages of integration in business, including a definition of integration and a list of web addresses that can be used for additional research, references, and in-text citations.