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    Need help preparing a two 400 word articles on which my selected region which is Brazil and my trading block is NAFTA, whcih is North American Free Trade Agreement within that region
    one article in favor of regional integration and another article against regional integration. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration and relate the stage of economic development of the economically integrated region to potential business opportunities.

    Need references in APA Format.

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    //Before writing about the Pros and Cons of Regional Integration, it is essential to know about the main concept of 'Regional Integration'. One should know about the key aspects of the mentioned concept, which further will assist in analyzing the pros and cons in an effective manner.//

    Article 1

    Favor of the Regional Integration

    'Regional Integration' is a promising method to facilitate trades, across the nations. Basically, it has three dimensions; such as Geographic scope, Substantive coverage and Super-nationality. These are as follow:

    Geographic scope: It entails number of nations involved in the agreement.

    Substantive coverage: It denotes the activity coverage.

    Depth of integration (Super-nationality): This part of Regional Integration covers cooperation, integration and harmonization.

    These dimensions of regional integration illustrate that this plan or method to promote business in Brazil is a favorable option. Regional Integration is favorable for the business organization, because it promotes the business in a profound manner. By developing an agreement with Brazil under NAFTA, it is possible for the business firms to use the resources in an optimum manner (Regional Integration: Concepts, Advantages, Disadvantages and Lessons of Experience1).

    //Above is the discussion of Regional Integration and its dimensions. Moving to the next part of directions, explanation about the advantages and disadvantages of it, would be elucidated.//

    Advantages of Regional Integration

    There are various advantages of adopting 'Regional Integration' to promote the business in Brazil. It facilitates the business in a harmonized manner. It also assists the developing countries to nourish their economy, profoundly. With ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1043 words with references.