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    Are You a Hyperglobalist, a Sceptic, or a Transformationalist?

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    Read and respond to "Introduction" (Conceptualizing Globalization) by David Held and et al.; and see "Theorizing the Politics of Globalisation: A Critique of Held et al.'s 'Transformationalism'" by Bryane Michael.

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    I am a transformationalist. I believe in Held's position that globalization is a transformation in the spatial organization of social relations and transactions. Also, whenever there are bilateral or multilateral talks among nations, business relations and treaties are playing an increasingly important role. This supports Held s contention that globalization leads to an extension of existing power relations of national government around the world.

    According to Held, Globalization leads to stretching of social, political, and economic activities across geographical spaces. In my opinion when multinationals grow globally and global trade barriers come down there is a stretching of social, political and economic activities. Held calls an acceleration of global interactions and ...

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    The classifications of globalization are explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes three references.