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    Change Stories Common Issues

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    Briefly reflect upon an important change you have experienced in your life. Compare your change to the change that McDonalds went through when they added salads to their new menu along with introducing the new slogan of "I'm Lovin it". Compare this change story and answer the following questions.
    - What are the common issues across change in companies and in your example?
    - What are the differences?
    - Of the change "lessons learned", like "Change needs to occur to prepare for the future of the company, Some changes fail to deliver on their intended outcomes and Change needs to be measurable in order to calculate its success or failure." Which of these are present in these stories? Which are absent? What are the implications of this?
    - Are there other "lessons" embedded in your examples for future changes for/to the companies?
    - What three key conclusions do you draw from these stories about managing change? What lessons are embedded in these stories that you can apply to future changes you may face?

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    Change experienced in one's life
    This has something to do with a change in career that is from being a government employee to being a university professor.

    Common issues across change
    1. How the ultimate objective, which is improvement, may be attained.
    2. How the attainment of objective in the change strategy would be measured.
    The difference between individual and company experience
    In the case of companies, the improvement may be in the form of more sales, market share, and profits. In an individual, the improvement may ...

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