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Guided Reading Activities for Short Stories

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Create 3 guided reading activities for the short story call "The Lottery". One of the activities has to be a QAR Technique.

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The first guided reading activity will be a QAR.
Questions for pre-reading.

Take a look at the first paragraph. Does it tell you anything about what the story may be about? What do you think the story may be about based on the first paragraph and the title?

What kind of lottery do you think this will be and what do you think the prize will be?

Hand out a list of vocabulary from the story. Ask the students to write down what they think each word means.

Questions for post reading.

Are there any early clues to later events in the story? Is there any hint of foreshadowing within the first few paragraphs? What are they?

Consider the range of character "types" presented in the story. Who holds the power in the town? How do you know this? What are the roles of men, women, and children? ...

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