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    Data based Decision making and Strategic Planning

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    1) How is data based decision making utilized in the strategic planning process?

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    1. How is data based decision making utilized in the strategic planning process?

    Decision making is central to human activity. Thus, we are all decision-makers. However, "good" decision making starts with a consecutive, purposeful, strategic-thinking process.


    Data based decision making is utilized in the three middle stages (i.e., at the strategic level, at the tactical level and at the operational level) in the strategic planning process.

    For example, if the strategic planning is focused on quality improvement, then the key data based decision making considerations from the database will be key quality indicators. Thus, in setting improvement goals (i.e., how to achieve the objective of quality improvement?), the decision makers will investigation the database (i.e., customer satisfaction surveys, etc.), and focus specifically on the key quality indicators needed for setting improvement goals. Hospitals may be looking at databases of customer satisfaction surveys, for example and make data based decision (i.e., formulate improvement goals) from the database.

    EXAMPLE 1: Data based decision making (following the decision making model above) where the decisions are data-based because ...

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