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    Create Information Systems for Decision-Making.

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    Imagine that a company has recently hired you as a senior business consultant. The company is seeking to gain better traction with regard to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The company hired you because of your expertise with mobile apps, social media, and cloud technology. The management of the company feels that yearly revenues could top $20 million per year with the infusion of current technology. Currently the company has revenue of $5 million per year.

    Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

    Write an eight to ten (8-10) page paper in which you:

    Write an introductory statement of the company including but not limited to the type of the company, the location, the industry in which it competes, and the organizational vision and mission that encompasses the nature of the company.
    Specify the current situation of the company with regard to its technology and security aspects.
    Determine at least five (5) information technology personnel / roles that would be in place in order to start the business venture of gaining better traction of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Justify your response.
    Conduct a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis for the business venture in question for the company. Justify your response.
    Develop at least five (5) major goals for the information technology strategic plan. Justify your response.
    Speculate on three (3) positive organizational impacts of implementing the strategic plan. Justify your response.
    Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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    //Information System is the need to take significant decisions, effectively. In the context of it, the following section provides the concept and role of Information System in decision making process. In addition to that, the types of various Information Systems with their use at different managerial positions are also discussed in this section.//
    An information system is the significant component of decision making progress. It is the important tool for all levels of management to take effective decision making process. Information System can be defined as the software that makes use of the combination of people, procedure, hardware, data, network and software to analyze and gather digital information (Alkhaffaf, 2012). The understanding of the relationship between the decision-making process and information system (IS) helps the decision makers to take an effective decision. It helps to provide time-based and accurate information to decision-makers to make the right decision in the turbulent situation and it also improves the work efficiency. A successful organization heavily depends upon the information system to enhance the efficiency of management with a view to derive benefits and achieve pre-determined goals. In order to do this, almost every organisation has Management Information System (MIS) to carry out its effective decision making procedures. MIS consists of computers, database, people, interactive query facilities and procedure, the combination of all these helps to get accurate information, which is the most important element of successful decision activity. It contributes to solve problems of both structured and unstructured environments. In addition to MIS, the organisation also implements various information systems like Decision Support System (DSS), Transaction Processing System (TPS) and Office Information Systems (OIS).
    Types of Information System:
    There are different kinds of the information system that an organization can usually employ to take the right and effective decision. According to the hierarchy in the organization, the information system can be classified into four types that are Executive Information Systems (EIS) which is used to get tactical knowledge required by executives. Another is Decision Support Systems (DSS) which provides the explicit knowledge required by senior managers that are working in the organisation. In addition to that, Management Information Systems (MIS) and Office Support Systems (OSS) help to provide information to middle-level managers. Transaction Support Systems is used to provide basic data to workers and lower level of managers.
    (See the file attached)
    Source: http://www.conceptdraw.com/How-To-Guide/picture/PYRAMID-5-level-pyramid-model-of-information-systems-types.png
    //Earlier we have discussed the type of Information System. In this section, we will now focus on United States Telecom Industry that further specify the current situation of the telecom company concerning its technology and security aspects.//
    Overview of the Telecom Industry:
    The report focuses on the use of information technology in the Telecom Industry of United States (US). The industry of US has changed drastically with the rapid changes in the customer needs and competition. It provides various types of telecom services such as fixed, mobile and text data to consumers, business enterprises working at various levels and government departments. Initially, the US industry provides basic services to their customers that involve voice calling, basic internet connectivity and text messages through the landline connection. At that time, it provides services to business enterprises and customers only. However, today the US telecom industry shows a drastic growth in which they are increasingly driven towards wireless connections (EY, 2014). The telecom industry of US now focuses on business solution along with Wireless connection with wired internet and data. The major Telecom players in the US are Verizon (VZ), Sprint (S), T- Moble and AT&T.
    The company working in the Telecom industry ...

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