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Short, Medium, and Long-Term Strategic Planning

Select an existing business that utilizes short, medium, and long-term strategic planning. You may also use your own company. Consider how the organization's operational-level planning differs from their corporate and/or business level planning. Prepare and post onto the discussion board information on:

- Examples of the organization's short, medium, and long-term strategic planning
- A recent strategic decision from each level of strategic planning
- Your analysis of what led to the strategic decision (please consider fiscal, market-based and other factors in your analysis)
- How that strategic decision aligns or does not align with the organization's purpose, mission, vision and strategic objectives

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McDonald's utilizes short, medium and long term planning. The company must adjust its' strategy according to changes in the marketplace, the community, and the economic climate. The company's long-term growth strategy has been labeled 'Plan to Win' and is based on the concept that the company's core markets had gorged on expansion and something needed to be done to make the company modern and relevant. To this end, the company has focused on 'menu innovation, store renovation, and un-upgrade of the ordering experience' (Fast Company, 2010). An example of a recent strategic decision for this level of strategic decision is the addition of calorie counts to the menu. This strategic decision was caused by market factors, including a greater interest in health, as well as a need to be pro-active against possible fat ...

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This detailed solution selects an existing business that utilizes short, medium and long term strategic planning and gives examples of the plan, as well as a recent strategic decision for each level of planning, what led to decision, and how the decision aligned with organization's purpose, mission and objectives. APA references are included.