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Strategic Planning Objective-setting Process

Criteria based off business policy study books. Based on your work experiences along with a business policy background, should the strategic planning objective-setting process be top-down or bottom-up? Why?

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Successful organizations do not come about by chance - they come about as a conscious and concentrated effort to create a sustainable and financially viable organization. Planning, particularly of the strategic elements and issues facing an organization, is fundamental.

Success comes about by conscious and sustained effort by all, guided by an appropriate plan owned by the entire organization. Ownership of the strategic plan is a vital ingredient for its long term success. A key element of stakeholder ownership is:
- A shared vision,
- Mission and
- Objectives set out for the organization by all the stakeholders.

Objectives must be designed to specify the desired outcomes from performing functions. It is fundamental that the ...

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Should the strategic planning objective-setting process be top-down or bottom-up is explained.