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Professional Learning Community Justifications

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Please help me Identify and discuss in detail four activities that would create and sustain a professional learning community in your school or workplace.

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First, to get workable ideas to address this assignment, I suggest that you search the Web for scholarly references to use. Use search phrases that differentiate between the two aspects of the assignment: first, what activities ESTABLISH a professional learning community, and second: what activities MAINTAIN or SUPPORT a professional learning community after it is established. Be sure that you draw only from scholarly resources, not opinion sites or blogs, unless you back up what those sites have to say with corroboration from a more reputable site or resource.

For example, check out these for ESTABLISHING the community:

And these for supporting or maintaining the established community:

These sites will provide ideas, and also scholarly references to support your ideas and suggestions.

One activity that works BOTH to establish and to maintain a professional learning community is conducting action research within the school. Action research is aimed at solving a particular identified problem, preferably one identified by the team of educators that will make up the professional learning community in the school. Identifying problems that all of the educator-participants can work on solving together by means of conducting research to ...

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Reasons to establish and to maintain a professional learning community in education, with Web-based resources.