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    Professional Learning Communities 21st Century

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    Find definitions for problem-based learning, professional learning communities, and authentic assessment.

    Create a Venn diagram showing their connections.

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    Problem Based Learning- It is a different approach to the regular teaching style in the classroom today. It requires the student to be involved in his or her own learning. For example, the teacher will present a "problem" or pose a question to the students that they have no prior knowledge over. The goal is to have the student work actively in order to be able to come to a sound conclusion of what the correct answer is. It's more like an investigation as opposed to sitting down and taking notes over a new unit in your science class. You act more like a guide as opposed to a teacher giving the information up front. According to Problem Based Learning (n.d.), the students have the opportunity to ...

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    Define Professional Learning Community, Problem Based Learning, and Authentic Assessment.