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21st Century Skills and Education

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There is some disappointment in education (perhaps in the teachers' lounge across America) with the current traditional model. Here is the thing. It is up to the teacher to support these 21st-Century skills, however, the teacher must be supported in this initiative from the principal and the board. Some state standards have already embedded these 21st-Century skills within. As a result, the expectation is that teachers are addressing these as process skills as they teach the content.

Consider reviewing the state standards, which your school is expected to address.

How could you address this with the professionals in your work, to ensure your students are being exposed to the necessary knowledge and skills?

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21st Century Skills and how to address this with the professionals in the classroom to ensure that students are being exposed to the necessary knowledge and skills.

To address what professionals are seeking about skills and knowledge, K-12 educators must ensure that students deepen ...

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