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    Online Learning Environments

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    According to John Seeley Brown, what type of online learning environment would best meet the needs of virtual study groups and what role does the teacher play in managing and facilitating these groups.

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    According to Brown & Adler (2008), it is important to focus on building a center of community of students and scholars as well as providing educational content. The demand-pull approach to learning enables students to access virtual learning communities because they want to become part of a learning community to make or perform something (Brown & Adler, 2008). Learning occurs through reflection in an often informal community of practice that is supported in a virtual presence of collaboration of building and sharing knowledge between scholars, practitioners, scientists, and students through the utilization of extensive research such as scholarly websites (Brown & Adler, 2008).

    The following lens also describe how people learn, which are based on Bransford, Brown, and Cocking's (1999) works. They give evidence that effective learning is learner centered, ...

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    This solution discusses potential models and theories in online learning environments that speak to the diverse needs of virtual students.