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SMART criteria and online instruction

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I need help with what role learning objectives play in instructional design for online course development. Also, what are a couple of considerations that an online instructor might keep in mind with regard to the "SMART" criteria for writing learning objectives for online instruction, as well as a strength and limitation of the "SMART" criteria. (SMART criteria below)

According to Florida International University (2012), when writing objectives, the writing quality learning objectives should following the SMART" criteria listed below.

Specific Is there a description of a precise behavior and the situation it will be performed in? Is it concrete, detailed, focused
and defined?
Measurable Can the performance of the objective be observed and measured?
Achievable With a reasonable amount of effort and application can the objective be achieved? Are you attempting too much?
Relevant Is the objective important or worthwhile to the learner or stakeholder? Is it possible to achieve this objective?
Time-bound Is there a time limit, rate number, percentage or frequency clearly stated? When will this objective be accomplished?

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The use of authentic role learning activities within online learning environments has been shown to have many advantages for online learners. Students become submerged and deeply involved in problem solving within true to life situations similar to the contexts where the knowledge may be applied realistically ...

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Online learning goals and outcomes are discussed accordingly to SMART criteria. Advantages and disadvantages of SMART criteria are examined in authentic learning environments. Student centered activities vs teacher centered activities are also investigated.

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