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    Traditonal vs. Online Teaching Instruction

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    1.Please fill in the chart providing researched information for all of the areas outline in the comparing and contrasting Traditional face-to face instruction and online instruction in a high school classroom chart ( see chart attached).

    2. Then I need to write a paper that considers what area in a teachers own instructional practice I think or anticipate one would have the most difficulty in transitioning from traditional to online teaching. In 3 - 4 well written paragraphs, please describe the area(s), that you anticipate will be difficult and describe why. Then include 2 - 3 ideas or practices you plan to explore more in order to overcome the difficulty. Please include examples from your own experience and connections to this weeks content.

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    Traditional vs. Online Teaching Instruction

    Introduction: The best way for me to begin is to say that I must be careful not to provide you with ready hand-in answers for the chart you provided in your question. My task is to provide you with the guidance you need to develop your own answers to the assignment. This question examines a very important aspect of education for the 21st century. Online educational platforms are very important to people who do not want to step away from their active life or active career to gain a higher level of academic achievement, but at the same time realize the need for increased knowledge. On the other side of the equation are educators who are deeply committed to traditional education programs delivered in what are known as "brick and mortar" educational processes. In many instances, students get caught in the middle of this discussion, and end up confused as to whether the educational path they selected is the correct one for their situation.

    1.Please fill in the chart providing researched information for all of the areas outline in the comparing and contrasting Traditional face-to face instruction and online instruction in a high school classroom chart (see chart attached).

    A. As I already stated, it is inappropriate for me to provide you with a hand-in ready chart, but I will provide you with some research that should help you develop an excellent response to your instructor.

    1. Consider the following quotation,

    "Imagine a school where teaching is considered to be a profession rather than a trade. The role of teachers in a child's education -- and in American culture -- has fundamentally changed. Teaching differs from the old "show-and-tell" practices as much as modern medical techniques differ from practices such as applying leeches and bloodletting. Instruction doesn't consist primarily of lecturing to students who sit in rows at desks, dutifully listening and recording what they hear, but, rather, offers every child a rich, rewarding, and unique learning experience. The educational environment isn't confined to the classroom but, instead, extends into the home and the community and around the world. Information isn't bound primarily in books; it's available everywhere in bits and bytes," (Lanier, 1997).

    Prior to the advent of the internet, it is true that most education was provided in a classroom where the students sat in neat rows, and the teacher was at the center of the process. That process has transformed over the last 20 years, and now the traditional education process is an interactive process that centers around the needs and expectations of the student.

    2. In another article, the online teacher's role is described more like a guide. Please read the following article on the online teacher (Bull, 2013). This article should give you some good perspective for filling out the first line of the chart.

    B. The second line on the chart considers a teacher's sense of control. The idea of sense of control is a facet of the principles of span of control. A teacher with a good sense of control will be able to operate with confidence that he or she needs to lead students to greater levels ...

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    This response provides the student with information on the differences between the traditional teaching environment, and the online teaching environment. There are significant differences in the teaching strategies that must be employed to engage the minds of the students that are related to each environment. In the final part of the response, guidance is provided to the student to aid in the development of the student's personal reflections on transforming from a traditional educational setting to an online setting.