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The Focus is on You

Best practice in teaching includes designing a course that is student-centered. What are the primary aspects you will incorporate into the instructional design of your course to create a student-centered environment?

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Pedagogy: An instructor holds lectures regularly in class and strongly believes in using the banking approach to teaching. He/she doesn't allow much time for discussion and doesn't take delight in hearing what students think. To him/her students are just receptacles or containers, only there to passively receive information and learn from required readings.

Andragogy: An instructor provides an array of reference materials for his/her students to read before class. Once they have settled down, he/she opens the floor to discussion with the intent of helping students learn from each other. During discussion, each participant is given an opportunity to express what they gathered from the reading and comment on their classmates' analyses. In this class, students learn from doing and actively participating.

The two scenarios provided above are perfect examples of pedagogical and andragogical teaching ...

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This excerpt simplifies the definitions of pedagogical and andragogical teaching styles and how they both factor into creating a student-centered learning environment.