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    Program evaluation

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    I am the history department chair for a suburban high school. My department has been conducting an analysis of student learning outcomes based on the application of web-based learning tools in concert with traditional face to face classrooms. During the course of the past year, my department conducted four identical history courses as part of an educational research project. The four courses which were utilized for this study were "American History - 1865 to Present."

    Two of the courses (the control group) were taught using traditional instructional tools and were not supported by a web-based instructional platform. Two of the courses (the experimental group) were taught using a web based instructional platform. Students in the experimental courses were able to access an online learning platform that provided a number of instructional tools and resources including the following: course syllabus, course schedule, course-related articles, and topic-focused discussion boards.

    The learning outcomes for the experimental group were significantly higher than the control group. The faculty members who taught the experimental group have expressed a strong desire to teach additional courses using a web-based instructional platform to supplement the traditional classroom experience. Students in the experimental group have expressed a desire to take more courses with this level of web based instructional support.

    The focus of this should be a recommendation to the high school principal regarding a curriculum change related to the outcome of this study. I need an overall assessment of the findings and discuss the findings in relation to the mission of the high school. Please provide a comprehensive recommendation for the presentation of history courses at my high school based on the findings of this study.

    I need to include the following components:

    ?review of the results discussion of the findings including an assessment of student learning outcomes
    ?review of the limitations of the study
    ?review of the implications of the study
    ?review of the recommendations for further research
    ?a comprehensive recommendation for curricular change

    Thank you in advance for your much needed help!

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    Below please find how your points can be discussed.
    Since I do not have access to your data, you should definitely include pre-test and post test table comparing the difference in assessments of the pupil who were in the two conditions - traditional class room vs. those who had web based instruction.

    All figures, charts and graphs should be clearly labeled and axes must clarify the scale. In case of this study's, it could be a correlation depicted between on line instructional hours (y-axis) and students' gains in in class quizzes (x-axis).

    The Results and Discussion section, in case of your report should have a separate sheet indicating the time frame and budgetary costs' forecasting for implementing web based instructional program for the American History course at your school. This section is necessary for logistical sense. It could be included in as an appendix.

    Finally, you can also mention, perhaps a more qualitative study analysis can be also done by giving students a questionnaire asking about the positive or negative effects they might have noticed or feel are necessary before a change in program for instructional format of teaching American History course could be or should be implemented by replacing the traditional class room format with web based instruction.

    Results & Discussion:

    review of the results discussion

    Based on the t-test comparisons made on the experimental and control groups, we found that the learning ...

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