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The Importance of Program Evaluation Questions

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How do poorly written evaluation questions affect the program evaluation report? What affect do poorly written evaluation questions have on analysis and the interpretation of results?

Please include a reference so I can expand on this topic. Thank you!

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Poorly written evaluation questions have a tremendous effect on the program evaluation report, largely due to the fact that evaluation questions determine the scope, scale, and detail, of a given evaluation. Due to these factors, quality written evaluation questions will prompt evaluators to ask questions that are most pertinent to conducting ...

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This solution discusses the importance of developing good program evaluation questions.

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Program Evaluation of Public and Non-profit Organization

Program theories can be important to program evaluation for several reasons. Program theories often assist evaluators and agency stakeholders with discovering support or explanation for program outcomes, what works and what doesn't. Stated simply, program theory is the theory that drives (directs and supports interpretation of the evaluation research findings) program evaluation. Thus, having a sound program theory or using a sound program theory is consistent with doing good research.

What is program theory?

What is the role of the theory in program evaluations?

What are the presumed and actual effects of the theory on the evaluation process?
Utilize additional literature to assist you in your knowledge and understanding of the concept and use additional sources for citations within your paper. The assignment should have a minimum of five sources.

Write a 3- to 4-page paper in a Microsoft Word document about the program theory in which you need to include the following components. These 3 pages will be included in my overall draft at the end.

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