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    Mintzberg and Workplace Environments

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    According to Minztberg, there are five configurations of organization structure that is suitable of different types of personalities - simple, machine bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisonalized form, and adhocracy.

    Identify which types of workplace environments are best suited to your personality and preferences, and at the same time, environments for which employers seek your personality type. In addition, describe the current support network and its relationship to the current success plan.

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    The types of workplace environments I am best suited to, based on personality and
    preferences are adhocracy. I am a highly self motivated and creative person, with the ability to
    solve problems on my own or contribute to team challenges. I have worked for years without
    supervision and have always been able to succeed with little oversight and guidance. I do not
    hesitate to seek guidance when I believe I need it but such occasions are rare. A have learned to
    be flexible when working alone and with others. The adhocracy structure is "a complex dynamic
    environment with a high level of social specialization" (iun.edu, nd). In the types of work I have
    been involved in social specialization has been present in the form of both structured and
    unstructured communications which have been both planned and ...

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