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Information On Freedom Of Information And Freedom Of Press Including Cases

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Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are two important rights individuals have in the United States. News outlets often sensationalize news in order to attract a viewership. There are people that believe these types of behaviours must be controlled or restricted, while others believe they are a perfectly valid exertion of those rights.

Please provide some background information on how to go about discussing this topic.

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Step 1
Background information
Freedom of press means freedom of the media for communicating and expressing through different mediums such as published materials and electronic media. This freedom means that there is no interference from the state. Usually, this freedom is granted by the constitution of the country.
The trend of reporting sensitive topics does have a negative impact on some work environments. Even when the code of ethics of journalism is followed, there can be adverse reactions on work environments. For example, when the Alexander v. Sandoval, case was reported in the media, in several workplaces that had minority workers, the attitude of supervisors became inexplicably aggressive. The case was related to disparate impact. The workplace equilibrium gets harmed when sensitive news is published. When a terrorist attack is reported and the identity of the terrorist is revealed, employees who belong to the nationality, caste, or religion of the terrorist are picked on. Remarks are made against the persons. The work environment gets riddled with conflict, mistrust, and resentment. Productivity suffers.

The media affects the way people act and think. When the Enron scam was reported, investors shunned stocks and avoided investing in shares. Companies found it difficult to raise share capital. In the workplace employees and managers viewed the accounting departments suspiciously. Finance employees were viewed with suspicion. The respect of the ...

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Freedom of The Press and its harmful effects on workplace are discussed step-by-step with examples. The response also has the sources used.

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