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Press Freedom

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Only bullet points:
? Does the press have too much or too little freedom?
? Should the media be used to fight crime?
? Is police brutality a problem?
? Is the death penalty an effective deterrent against crime?
? Are sexual assault cases under prosecuted?
? Should we end the war on drugs?
? Should Intelligence operations be expanded?
? Should police agencies be used for national security?

Only bullet points. Max total 500 words.

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? Does the press have too much or too little freedom?
In my opinion the press has adequate freedom:
1. The government classifies its information as sensitive, classified or secret and the press has access to a large body of documents and information.
2. Press has the right to express itself in writing or any other form of expression.
3. Internationally the degree of press freedom depends on the manner in which journalists are harassed, expelled or subject to censorship and the existence of state sponsored news. However there are international watch dog bodies that prevent too many atrocities.
4. In most countries the freedom of press is not only guaranteed by the legislation but also by the constitution.
5. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights further helps protect the rights of the press.
6. In several countries the press is treated as a fourth estate and important for the proper functioning of the government.
7. In a way the freedom of press is related to democracy and in those countries where there is no democracy there is less freedom of speech.


? Should the media be used to fight crime?
No, in my opinion the media should not be used to fight crime. The reasons are:
1. The media is not a law enforcement agency.
2. The media does not have the training required to fight crime.
3. The use of media can become a liability if journalists are kidnapped or killed by criminals.
4. It is the duty of law enforcement agencies like the FBI or the Police to fight crime and not delegate their responsibility to the press!
5. Professional law enforcement agencies have tools, equipment, special training and legal knowledge to fight crime.
6. The purpose of press is not to fight real crime but to get a 'story' for ...

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