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According to Mintzberg: Strategic Planning & Roles

1. According to Mintzberg, what led to the 'fall' of strategic planning and why does he feel it will rise again?

2. According to Mintzberg, what should be the role of planning, plans, and planners in organizations?

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1. It seems as if the demise of strategic planning was caused by the confusion between two different elements of business strategies - strategic planning and strategic thinking (Mintzberg, 1994). One is, according to Mintzberg, analysis and the other is synthesis. Here is the problem.
Strategy planners have mistakenly thought that their job was strategic programming where they shine as micro-managing managers; disrupting strategic thinking and causing confusion, destroying intuition and creativity in problem solving. They willed their way into the strategic ...

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The strategic planning and roles are examined according to Mintzberg.