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    Professional Research Project

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    Topic and Objectives:

    â?¢ Identifying a Problem, Developing a Question, and Selecting Sources of Literature
    â?¢ Examine the clinical practice setting for problems, issues, and opportunities to improve patient care.
    â?¢ Evaluate a problem or issue and its significance to nursing.
    â?¢ Identify evidence-based solutions that address patient-care quality problems or issues.
    â?¢ Develop a searchable question using PICOT format.

    Identifying a Problem:
    I need to prepare a written proposal for a project that is focused on the resolution of an issue or problem significant to professional nursing practice. The proposal will include a problem description, resolution, implementation plans, evaluation plans, and proposed dissemination of findings. The professional capstone project proposal needs to reflect synthesis and integration of course content and professional practice.

    1.I need to prepare for a capstone project that focused on MENTAL RETARDATION

    2. Consider a clinical environment in which I am currently working, a MENTAL RETARDATION environment.

    . I have to identify a problem, issue, or educational deficit upon which to build a proposal for change.

    3. I need to prepare a paper of 500-600 words, in which I have to describe the nature of the problem, issue, or educational deficit. Including the following in the discussion:

    a) The setting and/or context in which the problem, issue, or educational deficit can be observed

    b) Detailed description of the problem, issue, or educational deficit

    c) Impact of the problem, issue, or educational deficit on the work environment, the quality of care provided by staff, and patient outcomes

    d) Gravity of the problem, issue, or educational deficit and its significance to nursing

    e) Proposed solution to address the problem, issue, or educational deficit

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    a) The issue of staff stress in relation to working with mentally retarded clients or patients, can be observed at the actual clinical setting in which the work is taking place, as well as away from the worksite. This stress can be readily observed at the worksite, due to the fact that many employees will tend to show frustration at not being able to get through to particular clients, and this frustration may result in dealing more roughly and unprofessionally with clients, as well as with other staff members. This increased stress can also be observed in these individuals in their home lives, due to the fact that they may tend to argue more with their family members, as well as with friends and acquaintances.

    b)The issue of work-related stress in relation to working with the mentally retarded, as well as in other stressful environments, can have a detrimental effect on the health and ...