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Nursing Research Utilization Project: Medication Errors

I need some assistance and guidance in completing a research utilization project.
My topic is medication errors and creating a solution to minimize them in an acute care area. I need assistance making sure I am on the right track answering the following:

â?¢The project addresses a problem or concern in the professional work setting â?¢The significance/importance of the problem is explained.
â?¢The project objectives are specific, realistic and measurable
â?¢Resources included which support the importance of the problem
â?¢Described how the solution proposed is expected to solve the problem

The solution to the problem is clearly described.

The solution to the problem is feasible.

The solution to the problem is supported by current research knowledge

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1. This project does indeed address a problem or concern in the professional work setting, due to the fact that medical medication errors are of a very high concern for any healthcare organization, and this project provides pertinent statistical data that clearly explains the significance and importance of this problem. In addition, this project also provides the pertinent numerical data that demonstrates the pertinence of this problem over time.

2. The objectives of this project are specific, realistic, and measurable, due to the fact that there is specific data included in this project that is quantitative in nature, and provides a means ...