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Negligence for Health Professionals

List five areas of negligence for allied health professionals. Discuss the standard of care in each area, and how that standard can be applied to the health care facility.

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Medication Errors

Negligence is the act of doing something or refraining from acting that another healthcare professional would do in a similar situation. Of the five following listed areas of negligence, some of physician related or can be both physician and provider connected. Abandonment is most often a nursing area of negligence. Nurses can be charge with abandonment if they leave a patient or unit of patients before another nurse of equal level is there to take over the care of the patient. This rule is written into every state Board of Nursing laws on health and safety of the patient (http://www.state.mn.us/mn/externalDocs/Nursing/Patient_Abandonment_091704013646_Abandonment%20FAQ2.pdf).

Injuries while in the hospital can be harder to ...

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Five areas of negligence for allied health professionals are listed. The standard of care in each area and how it applies to health care facility is determined.