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    Discuss some of the hidden or indirect costs associated with research utilization project implementation.

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    Most of costs are related to time and resources. For example, it might take longer to assemble and synthesize research evidence. In the data collection process, unknown factors might make it more difficult and time consuming to complete the dissemination activities than had first expected. Perhaps the person who was planning to collect the data got sick, and a new gatherer cost more money and slowed down the overall process. To determine the implementation potential, a pilot study to test the proposed strategy might be delayed for unexpected reasons. And, the pilot study may suggest the program may need to start from scratch again or it may need to changed in some way before it is implemented on the unit or to clients, which might greatly increase costs where you need to seek external financial assistance This longer process may mean training other staff or other resources e.g. perhaps long distance telephone calls, traveling fees, etc. (Pollit & Beck, http://books.google.ca/books?id=5Lzme0a7j1wC&pg=PA690&lpg=PA690&dq=nursing+research+utilization+project+implementation.&source=bl&ots=GswNxsoCXQ&sig=4nDysLjnkJUOOqbWZQqFu9C7L_k&hl=en&ei=L31WSqOdF8GJtgf0uNGTBg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=10).

    Once you have decided to go ahead with the implementation, the researchers can go ahead with the design and pilot the innovation. During this phase of implementation, evaluation outcomes, collecting baseline data to compare with the expected outcomes, developing an EBP based on a synthesis that is clear and concise using flow charts and decision trees. These resoruces might have been underestimated in the plan. At each step, obstacles may occur to delay the project and time is often more money and resources. As well, it might cost more than expected in training relevant staff and marketing it to users so it will be ...

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    Discusses some of the hidden or indirect costs associated with nursing research utilization project implementation.